Lithium-ion battery is an important area in Taizhou Joydo Energy Technology Co., Ltd. lithium battery business. Lithium-ion technology center around the cutting-edge technology of new energy industries to work, focusing on research and development of new energy power and energy storage lithium-ion battery and its new materials and key technologies, high pulse, wide temperature lithium-ion battery capacitor key materials and manufacturing technology and development High-safety power and storage battery structure, modules, and system integration technologies. Our team now has a number of experienced lithium-ion battery product design and application engineers who have different technical backgrounds, including electrochemical, mechanical design, electronics and power electronics, materials, safety and battery reliability research, etc. We have always committed to developing safe, reliable, high-performance battery systems to meet customer needs.


We are a company formed by the joint support of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Taizhou Science and Technology Bureau. The company fully equipped with high-tech research and development testing equipment, set up a series of electrical performance, safety performance and a series of laboratories, with a complete and testing capabilities. Company team mainly from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, focusing on lithium-ion battery management system and lithium-ion battery group technology research and development and production. At the same time, the company also undertook a number of high-tech projects in Taizhou, Luqiao District industrial projects research and development. Our company carries out the introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation of advanced battery technology, enhances the capability and vision of independent innovation, conducts research on key scientific and technological projects, popularizes and applies technology, provides engineering and technical confirmation and verification, and technical consultation and support services. Cultivation of engineering, technology research, development and management of high-level person and so on. Through the exchange and cooperation with high-level and institutions, we will continuously enhance our own "soft power" and "hard power."